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I'm writing a book!

BIG NEWS!!! I'm writing a book...and not just any rinky dink thing, I am co-authoring a Dummies book! You know the ones with the yellow and black cover that teach you how to do everything from auto repair to container gardening to computer programming? My book is Instagram for Business for Dummies, and my co-authors are Jenn Herman, Instagram expert, blogger and Social Media Marketing World speaker, and Eric Butow, marketer and author of 30 other Dummies brand books. I am in good company!

After months of contract negotiations, my contract is final, and I just turned in my first chapter! I will be contributing about six chapters (100+ pages) chock full of Instagram marketing goodness. I am even learning some new things in my research process to make sure I only provide information that is 100% accurate (at least that know how Instagram loves to change things up!).

The best part is that I will be sharing little tidbits from the book as I write. You will get first-hand knowledge as soon as possible!

I have many deadlines along the way, but the final book is slated to be available in February 2018. I do hope you will consider buying a copy if Instagram is part of your marketing strategy. It would mean so much to me.

For now, I will be hunkered down, writing, researching and writing some more!

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