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Hopefully you’ve been following me on social media, reading my blog or receiving my emails and are convinced I am the right marketing expert for you. Hooray! I’m glad to hear it. Let’s get started.

If you are local to the Greater Sacramento area, I am happy to conduct an in-person consultation to assess your goals and needs. If you are outside the area, we can set up a Zoom session soon to get started.

Once I establish your needs, I will provide a quote for services based on my recommendations. Once approved, we are ready to grow!

Need a Pick Your Brain Strategy Session?

Book a 60-minute ($150) or 90-minute ($299) Consultation!



Social Strategy

You know your business needs to have an online presence, but where do you start? I work with you to determine where your audience is, and how often they want to hear from you. Then I develop a plan to determine the best ways to reach your prospective customers. Your plan might involve one major social media site with ads, several sites and email, live video sessions on Facebook, it really depends on your goals and level of comfort. I assess every client’s needs individually, and you will never get a cookie-cutter plan.

Contact me and we will get a social strategy started together!


Content Marketing

Let’s face it, keeping up with quality content on social media can be a full-time job in itself. I work with business owners to develop quality custom content that is unique to your business’ personality. I have conducted a lot of research and personal trial and error regarding what works well and what doesn’t. Let me save you time and help you focus on your core business, not graphic design, photography and copywriting!

Contact me for ideas about social media content for your business.


Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

With shifts in algorithms on Facebook and Instagram, and the overall load of content streaming through social media feeds, sometimes ads are the only way to get any traction in your marketplace. I have expertise in Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager, and Twitter and Linkedin ads. I can develop a super-focused ad campaign that targets the exact audience you need. You would be surprised exactly how targeted you can get when you have the right tools and know how to use them!

Contact me for help with your next ad campaign.


Email Optimization

Once you have your target audience’s attention on social media, it’s time to capture their email address. Why? Because once you own your list, it’s yours! Social platforms change, and even shut down occasionally, but your list is your list! I can help you grow your opt-in list, create engaging content and keep your prospective customers wanting more. I also analyze who is opening your mail and can create follow-up programs to hit prospects that are showing interest. An effective email program can be the key to growing your business.

Contact me to get your email program started.

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