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Why Attending Social Media Marketing World is a No-Brainer

Let's face it, there are hundreds of social media marketing conferences each year. However, there’s only one that I have pegged as my must go-to – Social Media Marketing World.

Social Media Marketing World is my compass for the year. For instance, last year they announced that online video, and particularly live video was going to be THE thing for 2016 and beyond. And guess what – they were right. Since then, I have put more effort into using video for my business, and it is paying off big time.

Reasons like this are why thousands of marketers turn up every year to soak up the awesome content there – to learn what is working NOW and in the future when it comes to social media marketing.

Here's what some of the TOP names in social media marketing say about #SMMW17:

Social Media Marketing World takes place March 22-24, 2017 in San Diego, CA.

I went for the first time last year, and honestly, my main goal was just to meet and learn from some of the awesome people that lead the social media marketing industry. Now that I have met them in person, I have had several online conversations with many of them, and can't wait to see them again on more friendly terms! Not only that, but with some of the knowledge I gained last year, I built up a fun online community, and I look forward to meeting them live and sharing a meal and great conversation!

Here are some other benefits:

  • There are SO many sessions, you won't be able to attend all of them live. However, you get all of the session recordings, so you basically have a learning library for one year after to pull from at any time.

  • Since this is a paid event, there are NO sales pitches. That's right, unlike free webinars you attend that give you a lot of theory, but no real how-tos, these have REAL actionable content. Plus, you won't have anyone selling books, programs or magic snake oil in the back of the room.

  • Connections, connections, connections! Looking to partner up with someone? Need an assistant, programmer, developer, web designer, etc.? You are bound to find someone here! Or maybe you are that person looking to get hired? There are a million opportunities to find a great business opportunity.

  • San Diego. Need I say more? San Diego in March is gorgeous. The Convention Center is close to the beach, and is on the edge of the Gaslamp District - a fun party spot. If you are traveling from afar, tack on a couple days and you have an awesome vacation in store.

Here is a partial list of presenters this year:

  • Guy Kawasaki

  • Mari Smith

  • Sue B. Zimmerman

  • Jay Baer

  • Peg Fitzpatrick

  • Rebekah Radice

  • Kim Garst

  • Jenn Herman

  • Brian Fanzo

  • Michael Stelzner

  • Amy Porterfield

  • Joel Comm

  • Zach King

  • Pat Flynn

  • Jon Loomer

  • Chris Brogan

  • Carlos Gil

  • John Jantsch

I hope I have convinced you to come! If you decide you'd like to go, please let me know! I would LOVE to meet one of my readers.

PS - the links contained in this blog are affiliate links, however, I highly stand behind everything I've mentioned in this article and will be there in March! I would love it if you would use one of my links as it helps off-set the cost of my trip too and doesn't cost you an extra penny!

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