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Finding your brand voice

Does your brand have a consistent voice? For instance, if someone did not see any of your physical branding, logo, colors, imagery, could they recognize that the content was from you simply by the words that were written? Especially if you have several content creators, establishing a consistent brand voice is hugely important.

Here’s how to get started:

Take out several samples of your content and pull the pieces that you feel best represent what you (and your team, if you have one) want to convey as your brand. Figure out what they all have in common. Also note the items that don’t fit so you know what you don’t want your brand voice to sound like.

From the pile of content that represents your brand, pick three words that best describe your brand. For instance, a daycare may choose “nurturing, diverse, and joyful.” Once you have these top three words selected, further break down how these words will be expressed by your brand.

Nurturing – loving, safe, cuddly, warm, kind, patient

Diverse – multiple programs, cultural awareness, inclusive

Joyful – happy, fun, musical, laughter

If you have a team, ensure that they are fully on-board with the brand voice and the associated words. Show them all of your favorite pieces of content that embody these words so they have a good understanding about how you want them used.

Review your brand voice at least every six months to make sure it is still working. Look over a large sampling of content to see how your brand voice has been carried out, and adjust anything that is not working. You may even discover a new word that you would like to incorporate!

Was this helpful to you? If so, you'll want to pick up Instagram for Business for Dummies when it comes out in February 2018! I am in the midst of writing it with my co-authors, and it's already 50% finished! Stay tuned...

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