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Eight Ways to Stand Out on Instagram Stories

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for brands, and one of the most popular features of Instagram is Stories. When used strategically, Stories can be a really effective way to reach your intended audience. Here are eight ways to make your Instagram Stories stand out from the pack!

Embrace the 24-Hour Window

Not sure what to post? Remember, Stories only last for 24 hours (unless you save them as Highlights), so feel free to experiment. Your post will just be there a short time, and you can see how people react. Maybe test two different pieces of content to see which works best, or showcase a silly side of yourself. Use this time to see how people react, then use that data to create content for your main profile, or future content for Stories.

Use Story Links to Link Directly to Content

At the end of 2021, Instagram rolled out Story Links for everyone. Prior to this update, only users with 10,000 followers or more were able to link out of a Story to another website. Users with less than 10,000 followers were forced to say “Link in Bio” which meant followers had to go to the person’s profile, then to the link in their bio. Forcing people to take extra steps is never a good thing! So, now that the Story Link is free for all (located under the smiley face square), be sure to use it and watch your conversions go up!

Add a Questions Sticker

Want more engagement? Ask a question. Instagram Stories have a question sticker that you can add on top of your Story. When you add this sticker, people can answer your question, and then you receive your answer privately. You can choose to share the replies, and it won’t reveal who wrote the answers. Choose easy to answer open questions, or give them a Yes or No option so it’s as easy as it can get!

Go Behind the Scenes

What does a typical day look like for you? You might think it’s boring, but other people may be very intrigued. Show how you make a product, unbox new inventory, or maybe a new piece of equipment or software you got for your office. Do you participate in events? Show all the planning, set-up, then follow it up showing everyone enjoying the event.

Talk to the Camera

Stories are the perfect way to introduce more storytelling into your business. Talk about something funny or unusual that happened that day. Welcome new followers to the account and talk about what they’ll find on your account. Let people know about a webinar you’re hosting, and why they should attend. Your followers will feel more connected to you by seeing you on camera vs. just sharing graphics or still photography.

Use a Locations Sticker

Do you have a physical location? Definitely use a location sticker! When people search in your area, they might see your Story come up. Even if you work from home, you can benefit from someone searching for someone with your services or expertise in your area.

Tag People or Products

When a person or product is featured in your Story, tag them! The person tagged will receive a direct message that they’ve been tagged and Instagram will ask them if they would like to re-share the Story. More often than not, they will, and then your Story will be broadcast to their followers as well. Use this feature with caution though – only tag people or products that are directly part of the Story, not random people to get more views.

Share Other People’s Content

Not feeling creative? Stories can easily be created by sharing other people’s feed posts to your Instagram Stories. Watch your main feed, then when you see a post that you think would resonate with your audience, tap the little paper airplane to share it to your Story. Add your own comment, or add a question sticker to make it relate more to your account.

Instagram Stories are an excellent way to enhance your regular feed. Use as many of these tips as possible to make your Stories the best they can be!


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