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Podcast Guesting to Market Your Business

Do you have expertise in a particular field that could help other people? Or maybe you just launched a product or released a book? There are SO many podcasts out there, and one of their biggest jobs is finding quality guests week after week.

So how can you find podcast hosts that need guests?

- Search for podcasts using keywords like podcast + [your industry]

- Advertise on social media that you are available to be a guest on a podcast, and what your expertise is

- When you're on a podcast, ask the host if there are other podcast hosts he/she knows that are looking for guests, or look at some of their previous guests to see if they have a podcast.

- Sign up for (you can get a free account that sends podcasts searching for guests to you every Monday and Thursday.)

Once you have several podcasts in mind, put together a pitch that details your specialty, why they might want you as a guest, how you can promote them, and some suggested topics. You can usually get their contact info via their web site, via Linkedin, or on the about page of the show.

Before you pitch, listen to a few of their previous podcasts. Why? It might give you a better idea about what they are looking for, but you could also find out that your topic, or the host’s personality might not mesh with yours. I like to make sure the podcast is still active, since some podcasts get abandoned, or go on hiatus.

Remember: A podcast is perfect content for you to talk about and post on your social media. Being on a podcast is a natural clout-builder!

So, are you ready to get out there?


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