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Want To Grow Your Business? Write a Newsletter

By Eva Benoit

As an entrepreneur, you probably spend lots of time thinking of ways to grow your business. One way to expand your reach is to publish a newsletter. It keeps you connected and provides interesting and helpful information to your clients. If you’re on the fence, The Marketing Specialist wants to help with the following advice.

Why Newsletters Work

Is it worth the effort to create a newsletter? The answer is yes. According to research, consumers buy from marketing emails monthly or more. This statistic means that email campaigns drive sales.

Your customers are busy — however, an email newsletter prompts them to engage with your content. If you've done your homework, you've provided them with helpful information they can appreciate and encourage them to purchase something.

How To Begin a Newsletter Campaign

You can begin sending newsletters in just a few steps. First, consider working with a digital marketing service to help you target your audience and optimize content.

Next, build your email list. It's best to send newsletters to customers who opt in. That way, you know your audience is already interested in reading it, and you can increase their engagement. Try putting an opt-in form on your website and offer a coupon for subscribing.

How To Write Your Newsletter

The objective is to provide practical, easy-to-read information that encourages customers to engage. A conversational tone helps draw them in. Think of what content interests them and also meets your newsletter goals. Finally, avoid unnecessary wordiness — you want to hold their attention long enough without losing interest.

How To Appeal to Readers

A personal approach helps engage consumers. You can segment your emails, choosing content based on each group's interests. Personalization tokens can help if you don't overdo them and make readers think you're stalking them.

Inviting subject lines is critical. It's almost the only thing that makes your email stand out before the customer opens it. You'll need to write something interesting and clever while accounting for the customer's pain points and inclinations. Entice the audience by:

  • Making them curious about a slightly mysterious subject

  • Creating a sense of urgency

  • Offering them a discount

  • Introducing a captivating story

Use Memes to Enhance Your Newsletter

Memes are an easy way to add some fun and personality to your email newsletter. They can help to break up text heavy paragraphs and add some visual interest. Plus, they can be a great way to start a conversation with your subscribers. If you're not sure where to begin, this helpful meme text generator can get you started. Once you've created your meme, all you need to do is add it to your newsletter template and send it out to your subscribers. It's that easy! So why not give it a try? Your subscribers will be sure to appreciate the effort.

Using Data Visualization

Plain data isn't too engaging for readers, but you can use data visualization to make it so. Charts, maps and graphs help break down information, display trends and patterns, and help customers see the big picture. Also, research shows that color can influence memory, so data visualization can help your customers remember your content.

Newsletter Tools

You can find premade templates online to save time and get you started creating and editing your newsletter. As you design, keep readability in mind — don't distract the reader from your message with too much flash.

Begin with a neat and professional logo that presents nicely in your newsletter. It should also look great on your social media, website and printed materials. You can find online tools to help you design a logo for free in less than a minute.

When you're ready to share the newsletter, ask your digital marketing service or choose a newsletter service to help you send it.

A customer newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your audience. It can be fun to create while helping you boost your bottom line, and it isn’t difficult to pull off. Start by establishing a newsletter campaign plan, create a draft of your newsletter with an enticing subject line, gather any visual elements and then work with The Marketing Specialist to incorporate your newsletter into a winning digital ad campaign. It’s that easy!


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